State Of Florida Division Of Motorist Services International Fuel Tax Agreement

Submit Florida IFTA quarterly tax returns online or, if they are not submitted online, manually complete the IFTA tax return and fuel calculation in the email received by IFTA carriers. Print the return and send it to the address indicated in the return, along with the payment due, if applicable. I`m an interstate truck driver who works in Florida and Georgia. I pay my full tax on diesel at the pump. Why do I have to file a tax return every quarter and pay more taxes to the state of Florida, especially when I already paid my full diesel tax at the pump in Georgia and Florida when I bought it? Although you paid a tax on diesel at the pump in Florida, you may have burned (or used) some of that fuel in Georgia. Similarly, you may have bought fuel in Georgia and burned in Florida. In this case, since Florida requires you to pay more taxes, it seems that you bought more fuel in Georgia and consumed in Florida than you bought in Florida and used in Georgia. If this is true, Georgia should owe you a refund. This is called “fuel tax compensation” between states. It is important to keep all your fuel supporting documents so that you can prove when, where and how much fuel you bought during a certain tax period.

It is also important that you keep all your travel sheets (the mileage records for each state). If you have a well-established business with qualified engine carriers in your base country and you work in more than one state, you need to register for an IFTA license. What is a Temporary Surgical Permit (TOP)? How do I get a TOP and how much does it cost? Once I receive a TOP, do I have to get an IRP disk? A speed operation permit (TOP) is a temporary authorization of 60 days for the operation of your truck under the IRP. You must declare a WGV for each state in which you wish to work during the 60-day period. You are only entitled to obtain a TOP if one of the following applies: If your qualified vehicle only occasionally drives in more than one IFTA member jurisdiction case, you may obtain a travel permit for each jurisdiction in order to meet your fuel consumption tax obligations. You can generate and print your quarterly IFTA return at ExpressIFTA and send the return to the State of Florida with each payment. You can also manually complete an IFTA tax return and FLORIDA SCHEDULE 1 – IFTA FUEL TAX COMPUTATIONS (HSMV combined 85921 and 85922) which are sent quarterly to licensed carriers. These forms contain the IFTA Quarterly Tax Rate Schedule.

You will deposit the return filled with the necessary payment. I have a normal Florida license plate on my truck, but I have never done business outside of the state of Florida. For commercial reasons, I have to transport my truck to other jurisdictions (states). I want to keep my plate in Florida.. .