Monash University Enterprise Agreement (Academic And Professional Staff) 2019

The rates of remuneration shall be set out in the relevant company agreement, including as follows. 76.3 Regular duty time is provided for qualified employees other than shiftworkers: 83.9 A qualified employee who acts in a higher position is entitled to a higher service allowance if he or she continues on paid leave or a mandatory day of leave, with the exception of long-term leave. provided that the action in the upper position continued without the leave. (i) `remuneration` means, for the purposes of the leave, the standard rate of remuneration of the staff member, provided that the maximum rate to be paid for parental leave is not higher than the standard rate to be paid at HEW level 10 or level E respectively for the specialised staff or academic staff referred to in Annex 1 to this Agreement. 34.1.21 Voluntary separation package: a series of rights granted by the university for specialised staff or under the same conditions as if the staff member were dismissed in accordance with clause 53.6 (Table G) of the agreement for scientific staff or clauses 55.7 and 55.11-55.12 of the agreement; depending on what is larger; The agreement will be known as the Monash University Enterprise Agreement (Academic and Professional Staff) 2019. 3.4 “Long term casuals” are casual or associate agents who have been employed regularly and systematically for a period of at least 12 months for a succession of periods of employment at the university. 25.6 In agreement with the university, an employee may take extended annual leave at a proportionately lower rate of pay (for example.B. 20 days of half-pay leave instead of 10 days of leave with full pay). 18.9 In the event of a change by agreement in the number of annualized ordered hours for which staff are recruited, the university and the staff of the annualized hours shall ensure that appropriate consultation agreements in terms of remuneration and hours have been concluded from the date of entry into force of such amendment. Perform tasks guided by guidelines, precedents, professional standards, and management or technical expertise. Staff would have the opportunity to develop or redefine procedures and interpret guidelines as long as other areas of work are not involved. In the technical and administrative fields, you have a depth or breadth of expertise developed through relevant experience and application.

20.3 The University may issue a call for tenders for teaching fellow positions and will encourage applications from former or former academic or meeting staff of each Australian university who have worked for at least 12 months at Australian universities in the previous five years. . . .