Corporate Services Agreement

An enterprise services agreement is a contract between two companies or individuals that defines the terms and expectations of the service relationship. This type of document should be used whenever you offer services to a customer or customer and if you are a buyer or recipient of services from another company. 4.1 The Client and the Company provide the commitments and indemnities set out therein in return for the Manager`s agreement to provide the Services to the Company. The Client and the Company hereby undertake, confirm, warrant and undertake: (a) that all funds or assets made available to the Company or made available by the Manager are legitimate assets and do not arise out of or are otherwise related to illegal activities (including, but not limited to, tax evasion and exchange control offences) and that the Client: provide independent written evidence of the origin of the funds or assets presented to the undertaking or made available to the AIFM; (b) that no request emanating from or on behalf of the Customer involves an illegal act, nor the Intention of the Customer is that the Company is directly or indirectly involved in any illegal activity or that it is used for unlawful purposes.