A Broker Can Enter Into A Single Agency Agreement With Any Of The Following Except

12) ________________b__ c) It is only when the agent informs the seller and has executed the unilateral flat-rate offer of the sub-agency addendum at the time of the launch of the offer that we speak of a double blanket agency. (d) It does not allow a dual agency, only an individually designated agency. 6) Designated dual agency is an important alternative to dual agency, as it is the potential conflict of a _____________a) Impose a fine of up to USD 5,000. (b) terminate a licence without being heard. (c) reprimand on licensee_s conviction for an offence. (d) to lodge a complaint against a licensee. (a) Brokerage agency (b) Placement of buyers (c) Designated agency (d) dual consensual agency (a) offer to purchase (b) lease agreement (c) lease agreement (d) dual agency contract (a) Whether the broker was actually aware of the infringement. b) In all circumstances, the department applies independent liability to all broker managers.c) Only if the broker participated in the violation of the law with the partner d) A broker is never liable for the actions of Associates due to the doctrine of the Caveat Emptor. (a) mediation agreement (b) imprisonment (c) Order of acceptance (d) High fines (1) confidential information communicated to the broker concerning the price, conditions or motivation for the purchase or sale shall remain confidential, unless the seller or buyer does not indicate in writing to the broker to disclose such information. . .