X-Particles Maintenance Agreement

With up-to-date maintenance, you get full support, the ability to use our Early Access program. You can also access all previous versions of X-Particles back at 3.0. You can buy an additional 12 months of maintenance at any point until January 31, 2020; the new expiry date is February 1, 2020, regardless of the time of the extension. The INSYDIUM maintenance contract allows maintenance of X-Particles licenses beginning with “XPL” and reconciles the expiration date of 4D Maintenance Cycles, unless it is more than 6 months before the expiry date of your X-Particles maintenance. The INSYDIUM Maintenance Bundle offers 12 months of maintenance for X-Particles 4 and allows you to reconcile your 4D Cycles Maintenance, regardless of when you acquired your Cycles 4D license. If your X-Particles maintenance is still valid, the purchase of the package will provide you with additional coverage 12 months after your current plan expires. Make the maintenance package even more economical. For example, If you purchase your license on February 1, 2018, your initial 12-month interview will expire on February 1, 2019, as you will receive assistance and updates until April 30, 2019. If Cycles 4D appears in the console, but not in the menu, contact the support. If a plugin is installed in Cinema 4D, there are two possible locations.

The first is the plugin folder in the same place as the 4D cinema application itself. For Windows users, it`s usually in C:Program Files.MAXON-CINEMA 4D. For Mac users, it`s usually in /Applications. No, Particle FX is only available as 6 chapters. When Cinema 4D first opens after upgrading/installing X-Particles Build 742 on Windows, the following error message may appear: You can automatically update your INSYDIUM plugin via Cinema 4D or by downloading the latest build from your customer account. If you download the new Build via your customer account, this can be installed as usual by following the following video: If you don`t want to renew your maintenance contract, your license remains valid. However, you do not receive updates or are not eligible for technical support. In addition, the download is not available for your license. In other words, please keep a copy of the last build for your license. A quick guide to installing your INSYDIUM plugin (PRODUIT) There are no restrictions on scene files created when using beta access, and you can continue to use them in your old compilation once beta access is complete. However, as these are beta updates, we cannot guarantee that subsequent changes do not change the scenes. After your reactivation period, we will give you another 12-month period of last chance to purchase a new maintenance contract, but it will cost you more to cover the number of updates that have been released over the 2 years.