Beopen.com License Agreement For Python 2.0

Python was founded in the early 1990s by Guido van Rossum at the Stichting Mathematisch Centrum (CWI) in the Netherlands to succeed a language called ABC. Guido is the lead author of Python, although he tells many other contributions. The latest version published by CWI was Python 1.2. In 1995, Guido continued his work on Python at the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI) in Reston, Virginia, where he published several versions of the software. Python 1.6 was the latest version published by CNRI. In 2000, Guido and The Python development team moved to BeOpen.com to form the BeOpen PythonLabs (www.pythonlabs.com) team. Python 2.0 is the first version of PythonLabs. Thank you to the many volunteers from outside who, under Guido`s leadership, worked to make this publication possible. After the release of Python 1.6 and after Guido van Rossum left CNRI to work with commercial software developers, it became clear that the possibility of using Python with software available under the public license GNU (GPL) was highly desirable. CNRI and the Free Software Foundation (FSF) have teamed up to develop changes to the Python license formulation. Python 1.6.1 is essentially the same as Python 1.6, with some minor fixes and another license that allows later versions to be GPL compatible. Python 2.1 is a work derived from Python 1.6.1 and Python 2.0.

6. This licensing agreement is governed by The law of the State of California and is interpreted in all respects, to the exclusion of the conflict of laws rules. Nothing in this licensing agreement is considered to be a relationship between the agency, the partnership or the joint venture between BeOpen and the licensee. This license agreement does not give permission to use BeOpen trademarks or trademark trademarks to support or promote products or services of the licensee or a third party. Exceptionally, the “BeOpen Python” logos available on www.pythonlabs.com/logos.html can be used based on permissions issued on this site. 2. Subject to the terms of the BeOpen Python licensing agreement, BeOpen heresy grants the licensee a non-exclusive, free worldwide license for signing, analyzing, executing, executing, executing and/or displaying, preparing derivative works, distributing and using the Software, either alone or in a derivative version, provided that the BeOpen Python license is retained in the software, either alone or in a version produced by the licensee. After the release of Python 2.0 by BeOpen.com, Guido van Rossum and the other PythonLabs developers joined Digital Creations. All of the intellectual property that will be added from that date, starting with Python 2.1 and its alpha and beta versions, belongs to the Python Software Foundation (PSF), a non-profit organization that is imitated by the Apache Software Foundation.