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Los Angeles Times 7/4/29

Family of Six Hacked to Death

Detroit Italian Couple and Four Children Victims of Ax Murder

Detroit, July 3 – Benjamin Evangelista, 43 years of age, his wife Santina, 40 and their four children were found slain in their home in St. Aubin avenue here shortly before noon today. All apparently were victims of an ax slayer. Evangelista’s head was completely severed and the heads of each of the others had been crushed.

The children were Angeline, 8; Margaret, 6; Jean, 4; and Morrow, 18 months.

The body of Evangelista, known in the Italian neighborhood as a religious healer and something of a mystic; was found seated behind his deask on the first floor. His arms were folded across his chest. The others were found in the second floor bedrooms.

Discovery of the bodies was made by Vincent Elias, a real estate dealer, through whom Evangelista, yesterday completed arrangements for the purchase of a farm near Marine City, Mich.

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