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Detroit News 7/10/29

Note Clue Fails in 6 Cult Deaths

Police Unable to find trace of Writer

New clues, the nature of which were not revealed by Inspector Fred W. Frahm, of the homicide squad, were being followed today in the investigation of the slaying a week ago of Benny Evangelista and his wife and four children.

Detective-Lieut. William Johnson left the city Tuesday night to follow a new lead uncovered by the police which may shed light on the heretofore unknown motive that led a maniacal slayer to hack the six victims to death with an ax in their home at 3687 St. Aubin avenue.

The clue given in a letter signed “The Murderer” sent to the police Tuesday that a hatchet used in the slayings would be found in a house “in the 5400 block on Lincoln avenue” was proved worthless today. Detectives searched all but two houses in the block and found neither the weapon nor any trace of the writer. The letter was not written by the slayer, in the opinion of Inspector Frahm.

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