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The Detroit Free Press: 7/8/29

Police Follow Leads Here and in Another City; Second Shrine Sought

With three members of the detective force investigating an out-of-town clue to the killing Wednesday of Benny Evangelist, his wife and four children, and a new lead to be followed here today, police yesterday expressed hope that tangible progress in the solution of the murders may be made this week.

Yesterday, the fourth day after the slaying of the cult leader, the crime apparently was as much a mystery as ever. Half a dozen suspects, one of them arrested Saturday at the slain family’s funeral, have been released and investigators now pin their hopes on disclosures which they hope F.J. Martin, 3505 Gratiot avenue, may be able to make.

Saturday detectives learned the images and icons in Evangelist’s chapel were made by the George P. Johnson Flag Company, 3529 Gratiot avenue. Martin did the actual work, and is said to have decorated Evangelist’s shire and a similar shrine somewhere on St. Aubin Avenue.

Detectives hope Martin may be able to locate this second shrine for them and thus provide additional clues to the members of the slain fanatic’s cult.

Chief of Detectives Edward H. Fox refused to disclose the destination of the detective trio that left the city, but says they are working on the Evangelist case. Included in the party is a finger print expert.

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