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The Detroit Free Press: 7/6/29


Finger-Prints in Evangelist and Rouge Massacres Bear No Resemblance.

The theory that the same person that killed a mother and her two children in River Rouge a month ago was responsible for the brutal slaying of the Evangelist family was exploded yesterday when finger-prints found at the scenes of both crimes were compared. There was no similarity. Finger-prints found on the doorknob of the Evangelist home, and in several other places, were photographed, but no record of these prints has been found at headquarters.

Lieutenant John Navarre, of the homicide squad, who is in charge of the investigation into the Evangelist murders, yesterday expressed the belief that a trimming ax had been used, possible a wide-bladed two edged instrument, such as is used in rough-trimming of wood by carpenters. The intensive search by the police for the weapon with which the crime was committed has been fruitless.

Photo Proved Mystic’s Child

Investigations of a photograph of a dead child, ready for burial, found with other pictures in the home of the murdered family, brought out the fact that the child was the fifth in the Evangelist family, and that it was the picture of the little boy, who had died in 1924, when a year old.

Two of the five men arrested for questioning are still in custody. One of them, Angelo Depoli, 34 of 2630 Pierce street, has been turned over to immigration authorities. The other, Umberto Tecchio, 42, of the same address, will likely be released today. In the rear of the home at which Tecchio and Depoli lived was found an ax which police at the time of the arrest thought might have been used in the slaying.

The owner of the house on Pierce street scoffed at the idea that the ax might have been used for the killings. He said that it had been lying in the barn for nearly two years and that, “it wouldn’t cut butter.”

Seek List of Followers

Police are investigations every angle which might possibly lead to the solution of the mystery. A diligent search is being carried out for a possible list of the dead mystic’s followers, and an investigation into the ceremonies of the cult is being pushed.

Preparations for the burial of the family are being made by F.J. Calcaterra, an undertaker, who had known Evangelist for a number of years. The bodies were turned over to Calcaterra by the county morgue yesterday, and it was announced that they will be buried in Mt. Olivet cemetery. Mass will be celebrated in San Francisco church this morning.

The pick of Detroit’s police detectives have been assigned investigation of the murders.

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