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The Royal Oak Tribune: 7/3/29


Faith Healer, Wife And Four Children Are Found Dead

Detroit, July 3.- A faith healer and his family of a wife and four small children were wiped out by an axeman in their home at 3587 St. Aubin avenue today. The bodies were discovered by a neighbor on the floors of the kitchen and bedroom. The heads and arms of some of the members of the family were severed completely.

The victims were Benny Evangelist, 43, self styled “divine prophet healer and author,” his wife Santina, 36, and children, Angeline, 8, Matilda, 5, Jay, 3 and Morrio, 18 months old.

With an investigation under way at noon, police were unable to find any tangible clue to the slaying. Neighbors said they saw visitors in the vicinity this morning. When found they had been dead only a few hours.

(International News Service)

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